Is Nuaj' v1.11 still working for Unity 3.x ?
I heard some reports that it didn't work with Unity 3.5. Actually, the correct formulation is that perhaps it can't be loaded with Unity 3.5 because the package format changed since I created it using Unity 4.

But the code itself is correct and functionnal for Unity 3.5.

If it was to fail loading with 3.5, I would advise to install the free version of Unity 4 and import the Nuaj' package into an empty project, then go direcly to the project's Nuaj' directory and copy the files to a 3.5 project. This should work fine.
Is Nuaj' working with Unity Indie?
No, unfortunately the features required by Nuaj' are only available with Unity Pro.
Known Graphic Cards & Configuration Problems
Nuaj' is known to fail displaying the 3D clouds on Mac using an ATI Radeon HD 5750.

This is currently under investigation.
Can I get the source code of the shaders?
Unfortunately no.
Everything else is available though, and much code already exists that helps you driving the rendering in Nuaj' (and that gives you a lot of possibilities already!).

Nuaj' was created with the intent to let the user do whatever (s)he likes with it, customization is available at all levels so you can enable,disable or override almost all parts of Nuaj' and replace it with your own if you're not satisfied with the current rendering.

For example, you can override the sky rendering (like using a simple blue color instead), the background rendering (like displaying your own star or galactic background), your own clouds, perform your own computation of luminance and tone mapping.

This is why I only give the pre-compiled versions of the shaders that represent the core of the Nuaj' tech.
Can I buy Nuaj' directly from you?
No. I am a single individual developer, not a company. I have no way to provide you with a safe payment method or a purchase receipt.
At the time you can only buy Nuaj' through the Asset Store.
I'm trying to display Nuaj' through a glass refraction shader but I get only black pixels. What's happening?
Unfortunately, Nuaj' works as a post-process and occurs almost at the end of the pipeline, as a Camera Effect so in order for a glass refraction shader to work for example, you would have to have Nuaj' already baked in the image, which it's not the case since, as far as the objects part of the scene are concerned, the background (i.e. sky) is still black at the time they're rendered.

As with transparent objects, the best solution should be to render refractive objects in a second buffer after Nuaj' has been renderer so the glass shader can grab actually significant pixels.
Not being a Unity guru though, I'm not exactly sure how to achieve this.
The sky is all messed up after a switch to fullscreen !
Indeed, you lost the Sky Density texture as explained here.
Unity does things in the background that trash my cached values when switching to fullscreen, especially in the web player if you allow the "Fullscreen" context menu.

Solution: You need to disable the context menu option (cf. Unity documentation here).
Replace the context menu fullscreen switch with a manual switch using your own GUI button/shortcut somewhere (as most games do) then, in the fullscreen switch callback function, simply disable then re-enable NuajManager. This will have the effect of rebuilding lost textures and targets.
All of sudden, my sky lost its colors and became all gray. What happened ?
This is due to a loss of the density texture used to compute the sky color. Unity tends to do things in the background without notifying you, so there is no way to intercept the bad events.
It happens especially when you switch from windowed to fullscreen ! (cf. another FAQ topic here)
Solution: Disable then re-enable NuajManager.
Where can I find the 2D cloud layer generator ?
As stated in the User Documentation, all 2D cloud textures were generated using a custom tool (Windows Only I'm afraid) written in C#. You can download it here.
Unfortunately, there is no documentation for the tool at the time but the main idea behind the tool is a tier dedicated to noise generation or import, and a second tier dedidacted to post-processing of the noise. It's pretty straightforward (hopefully)...
Why is the cookie map tiling when viewing from high altitude ?
Ideally, the size of the cookie should be increased when the camera climbs up into the clouds. That's something that is not available at the moment unfortunately because Unity doesn't allow to change the cookie size by script... Certainly an oversight on their part that should be fixed pretty soon. I filed the bug anyway.

Solution: None at the present time, I'm afraid.
Why isn't there anything below the horizon ?
Sometimes, you can see the horizon and realize there is a void below.

This is because below the horizon is the surface of the Earth. I decided not to trace through the Earth otherwise it shows some really high-frequency tiling due to the fact that the ray-tracing reaches the other side of the Earth tens of thousand kilometers away, which is very nasty to the eye. Better a calm nothing...

Solution: In any case, you are always supposed to have a scene that covers the empty volume. At the very least, for a space-game, you can create a simple sphere of the appropriate radius.
Who are you ?
I'm Patapom, a programmer with 13 years experience in the video games industry. And I love clouds.
Nice to meet you. ^^