Nuaj' is a very comprehensive weather simulation solution that can be used to create some of the most realistic cloud simulations available at the time, not yet seen in even the latest video games !

Nuaj' does not use particles as all other cloud simulators do but really takes advantage of 3D textures to perform actual volumetric computations within a unified atmospheric system, this allows to have a constant framerate whatever the viewpoint : there is no limit to the amount of clouds you can display in the sky !
The highly configurable modules in Nuaj' allow to really tweak the rendering quality to achieve high framerates even on low-end machines.

Sky, fog and clouds, all the components in Nuaj' are working together within a unified volumetric atmospheric system leading to a coherent lighting at all time and in all conditions.

Nuaj' v1.1 is currently featuring :

  • Real volumetric 3D clouds

  • Planar 2D clouds

  • Real volumetric fog

  • Full HDR rendering (making Unity look HDR even though rendering in LDR)

  • Up to 4 simultaneous cloud layers

  • Each layer casts its shadow down to the layer below and onto the ground

  • Each layer has its own wind direction and force

  • Fully volumetric sky model with Godrays

  • Full day cycle simulation

  • Lighting by the Moon at night

  • All weather conditions, including lightning and rain

  • Seamless transition between various weather thanks to an "Orchestrator" prefab : add as many weather presets as you like and change the weather with a single slider !

  • Coherent lighting at any time or any weather from any viewpoint (including outer space)

  • Seamless fly out of atmosphere

  • 2 different sky models and possibility of custom sky rendering

  • Handling of satellites (Moon, Sun, shooting stars, custom, etc.)

  • Satellites can be animated billboards

  • Volumetric Earth shadow cast into the atmosphere

  • Local cloud density customizable through a texture

  • Artificial local ground lighting (city lights) customizable through a texture

  • Directional Sun and ambient Sky computation for truly realistic scene lighting

  • Completely dynamic and very configurable

  • Stunning sunsets and unique sceneries

  • Downscalable for various hardware

  • 5 Different Tone Mapping operators

  • Works as a post-process and is compatible with other post-process (Glow, DOF, etc.)

  • Special support for Glow post-process

  • Gamma correct

  • Renders into cube maps for background scene generation

Changes in version 1.1


  • Complete overhaul of the entire pipeline and modules

  • Lighting improvement

  • Shadow stability improvement

  • New SMART/CUTOUT upsampling modes

  • Alternate light source at night (i.e. Moon light)

  • Reflection of clouds in water (not working very well, beta only)

  • Cloud layers altitude control in the NuajGameControls (used for the Nuaj' demo)


  • Crashes with Unity 3.5 (thanks elbows!)

  • Shadow flickering

  • Bug on environment map shadows

  • Re-ordered the rendering pipeline (found a severe Unity bug!)

  • Wind direction slider in the orchestrator

  • Anti-aliasing screen flip bug

  • Sun/Ambient Color Factors were not used when rendering in HDR (a new Unity 3.5 feature)