Nuaj', the Weather Simulator

Version 1.1 is finally available!

Nuaj' [nɥaʒ] is a state of the art, professional solution for weather simulation available for Unity3D.
It's targeted not only for high end graphics cards but also standard issue cards thanks to its highly scalable API.

A few of the possible weather configurations in Nuaj'...


Nuaj' provides both realistic rendering and the flexibility of customization that is necessary in the video games industry. Indeed, designers and artistic directors usually don’t pay much attention about a tool that is “physically accurate” and much rather prefer something that fits their own needs and is highly customizable.

Nuaj' is a powerful and comprehensive weather simulator that can handle up to 4 different atmospheric layers like 2D clouds, 3D volumetric clouds or low-altitude fog.
You can also create lightning bolt light sources for realistic storm simulation as well as an optional artificial lighting from below (e.g. city lights).

All rendering in Nuaj' is performed in HDR (High Dynamic Range) and many –more or less clever– tricks are used to adapt HDR rendering to Unity, making standard LDR rendering look really great.


Nuaj' guarantees a coherent lighting at any time of day or night and from any point of view in any weather condition.
The weather can transition smoothly from a clear blue sky to a dark storm with lightning bolts, passing through a thick fog and a light rain state if needed.

Contrary to most cloud rendering solutions that all rely on a heavy use of particles, the clouds in Nuaj' are really volumetric and you can easily fly through them and be lost in a "sea of clouds". You are not limited at all by the amount of visible clouds and can easily populate the entire sky with them.
Each cloud layer in Nuaj' can have its own wind force and direction and also casts its shadow onto the layers and ground below, yielding a very realistic and convincing lighting : your scene feels like really immersed in a living atmosphere !